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Welcome to Daydream Bible Art!

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Welcome to our online business! We are thrilled you are here.  Daydream Bible Art offers interactive Bible studies in digital downloads and bound books.  Our instant download, tri-fold devotions are great for personal Bible study time or for small group studies on personal interest topics that will take you deeper into God's Word.  Those who love to adorn Bible pages with art will find a large selection of printables offered as PDFs for instant download.  We hope you will join our community, visit our blog and participate in upcoming, online Bible studies with us. Since we are still somewhat new, some of our components are still under construction so come back and check our progress.  


If you love fellowship and Bible study in combination, I invite you to join our associated Facebook Bible study group, Embracing God's Word.  We have ongoing Bible studies and cheer one another on as we grow in Christ  I also have a fans and friends page for the store, where I give early peeks at new sets, discounts and specials.  We will have some fun activities and Bible studies as well on the Daydream Bible Art VIP Facebook group page.


As the founder of Daydream Bible Art, I'm committed to offering rich studies that dig into the truth of God's Word, helping participants to become independent students of the Bible.  I make every effort to provide Bible art that is scripture based, God-honoring and versatile for various art mediums including Bible pages, art journals, and more.


I love the opportunity I have to share God's Word through various online platforms.  As a retired public and Christian school educator I have a passion for the learning process.  As a believer for a number of decades, I know the importance of learning about God and His Word, growing to know Him and obey Him in ways that bring glory to His name.  It is my prayer that what is offered through Daydream Bible Art will bless you, will take you deep into God's Word and will enhance your enjoyment in bringing creativity and art into your time in God's Word.   


Diane Noble, Founder and Owner